cascade is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Hadron level Monte Carlo generator for ep and pp scattering applying Transverse Momentum Dependent (TMD) parton densities and parton shower.

The Monte Carlo program CASCADE generates a full hadron event record according to the HEP common standards.

CASCADE was originally intended for small x processes and used only gluon chains in the initial state cascade.

With the development of the Parton Branching TMDs, which are valid over a large range in x and Q2, new developments were possible in CASCADE3:

CASCADE3 (apart from the older features) makes use of LHE files (either from collinear NLO calculations like MC@NLO or off-shell calculations from KaTie/Pegasus) and has a full flavor initial state parton shower, which follows directly the TMD from the Parton Branching method.

Different sets of TMDs are now accessed via TMDlib.

posted Jan 28, 2021

Version 3.1.0 of CASCADE3 (Jan 2021)

This release includes output of event record in HEPMC format.

The original (old) manual has been published in EPJC, please use this reference to cite

A history of changes and updates is here. A installation guide and the full manual is also distributed in the download

Older versions can be found on here

To receive announcements of new releases for CASCADE, send an email to Hannes Jung

Credits and Blame

Many people have contributed to the functionality and stability of CASCADE, especially from the HERA experiment H1 and ZEUS, where the program is extenively used.

Contributions to the physics in CASCADE were provided by J. Bartels (Uni Hamburg), M. Deak (DESY), G. Salam (IN2P3), N. Zotov (MSU)